Literary is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you significantly increase your reading speed using Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) playback techniques.

Sync your personal books through iTunes, Dropbox, or Google Drive then sit back and allow Literary to present the content of the book, one word at a time, at your own speed, while gently pushing you to read faster automatically.

Literary only works with the EPUB format; convert other filetypes into EPUB before synching with the Literary app.

Adjustable Speed

Fully adjustable reading speeds from 50-950 words per minute. Read at your current best speed, push yourself to go faster, much faster!

Intuitive Controls

Quickly access chapters as well as discrete sections within chapters; rewind/fast forward by sentence, paragraph, and chapter.

Interval Training

Automated speed-interval training will build speed endurance by forcing you to incrementally read faster without requiring user input.

Track Progress

Track reading progress and speed improvements across time for individual books as well as your entire library with beautiful charts and graphs.

Reading Preview

One-click access to multiple paragraphs surrounding the current RSVP word. Re-read previous content and preview upcoming content outside of the RSVP playback environment to improve cognition and comprehension.


Personalize the entire RSVP reading experience including custom colors, fonts, and themes.

Literary is a feature rich speed-reading application that provides you with many ways to customize the playback experience how you see fit.

We've designed the controls to be easy to use and provide fast navigation capabilities. Quickly shift between sections or browse within the current "Section" using the intuitive thumb scrollers.

Want to rewind back a few sentences? Paragraphs? Sections? Just single, double, or triple click the Fast-forward/Rewind buttons to backtrack and re-read sections.

Literary will keep track of your activity in the app and generate beautiful charts and graphs to help you visualize your reading habits as well as speed improvements. We do not store any of your information in our servers. Your reading habits are your own, take a look at our privacy policy for more details.

You'll have a lot of control over the reading playback experience with the ability to select from an unlimited number of combinations of fonts, sizes, colors, and more.

Tired of RSVP reading experience but still want to read? We've included a built-in EPUB reader for just those times.

So what are you waiting for? Your books won't read themselves! Download the app for your iPad or iPhone right now from the App Store. Start finishing books instead of admiring them as they collect dust on your bookshelf!